DIY led moonlights

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DIY led moonlights

Postby abandonship » Thu Jan 14, 2016 3:00 pm

The picture doesn't give it justice.

Mounted inside canopy.

Just finished up a set of DIY moonlights and am extremely pleased with the results so thought I'd share this easy build. I purchased flexible strip light from Amazon. They come in 16.4' rolls in a variety of colors and I have used them for a number of projects...bass boat deck and compartment lights, under hood lights for my truck, backup light for reverse camera just to name a few. They are cheap and there's is enough for several lighting projects you or a friend may find useful. The lights can be found here... ... ref=plSrch

They can be wired into any 'wall wart' AC-DC converter. I have a bunch of these laying around that I save from old cell phones and the like. It must be 12v or less for this project. A lesser voltage will result in a dimmer light is all. If you don't have any I'd ask a friend to search their junk drawer or they can also be purchased here... ... +12v+2+amp

For quick disconnect I added a waterproof connector like this one... ... +kit+2+pin
Just cut off the plug on the wall wart.

The glue tape on the led's do suck. This is my only gripe about them. I peel it off. It comes of easy if they are new. If it's stubborn some goo gone or goof off will do the trick. I cut two small strips about 6". The strips can be cut at any length of 3" intervals. Where the copper is under the silicone coating of the led I use a fresh razor blade to cut straight down being careful to only cut the silicone and not the copper or go all of the way through. Then filet the silicone coating at a 90 dig angle of the first cut between the bottom layer of the led just above the copper. Use your fingernail to remove any left over silicone or it will melt when you solder. Next use some speaker wire to solder to the copper terminals. Also solder the plug inline and then to the wall wart. I used shrink tubing over all soldered wire and used loctite go2glue (this stuff is awesome-a middle ground between adhesive and silicone) inside of the shrink tubing were soldered to led's. I mounted the led's to my mh light rack in between each reflector with the go2glue. Also put some glue or silicone over the non soldered end to seal the contacts where lights were cut. Put something heavy on top of strips to hold down until dry the following day. Go plug them in and enjoy! These can also be used for a low wattage stand light or anywhere else light is needed. Also can incorporate magnetic switched or tilt switches for a degree of automation.
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Re: DIY led moonlights

Postby phurst » Thu Jan 14, 2016 4:46 pm


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