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The following guidelines are intended to keep the Buy/Sell/Trade forum tidy, fair and easy to use. Please follow them as closely as possible.


- Please start all "want to buy" threads with WTB:.

- If you are looking to buy something specific, please list what you are looking for in the thread title.

- Please feel free to "bump" your thread only when it has moved off the first page.

- If the seller has indicated a complete set up for sale, DO NOT immediately begin asking for/claiming items if the seller should decide to part out. Please respect the sellers desire to sell as a complete package.

- Once the seller has confirmed you as the buyer, make arrangements IMMEDIATELY for payment and pick up/delivery and follow through. Too many times items are held as being sold and the original buyer never pays or picks up. Please maintain communication with your seller.

- Do not post personal opinions of the asking price unless the OP asks for input. What one person values an item at may differ from another but as soon as someone interjects that the price is too high, it automatically influences anyone who may have had an interest. The truth is if the price is too high, the issue will self-regulate through the buyer receiving no inquiries.

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