Threadfin Rainbowfish ad Glass Catfish need school!

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Threadfin Rainbowfish ad Glass Catfish need school!

Postby krenzo03 » Tue Jan 19, 2021 12:31 am

I recently received a Threadfin Rainbowfish and a Glass Catfish after helping to rehome them, but I do not have the means to provide them with a school of like species. This is the Threadfin Rainbow [][/img]. It has some damage to the fins due to the previous owner housing it with a freshwater angelfish, but no fin rot is present. The Glass Catfish can be seen here [][/img]. It has no damage, but is definitely anxious without a school. The Threadfin requires a school of at least five others of the same species, but ten is ideal. They are also incredibly sensitive to water changes and require at least a 15 gallon tank, but a 20 is preferred. The Glass Catfish has similar requirements, but cooler temperatures and less catfish to school with. Please text me at (757)-206-4797 if you would like to pick up these beautiful babies and give them the love they deserve. These will be given at no charge, but I will have to see proof of a proper setup or planning to ensure these little guys are going to a good home. Both are less than 10 months old. Thank you!

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