Non-Reef related items wanted or for sale.


Postby phurst » Wed Jan 25, 2012 11:09 am

The following guidelines are intended to keep the Buy/Sell/Trade forum tidy and easy to use. Please follow them as closely as possible.


- Please include either FS: (For Sale), FT: (For Trade) or FS/FT: (For Sale or For Trade) in the title of your post.

- Please list your item in the title of the thread. If you have multiple items, list them in the body of the first post and use a general description for your title.

- Please include your location (general location is fine) and if buyers will need to pick up or if you are willing to deliver/meet.

- Remember that hobbyists of all levels buy, sell and trade here. Consider avoiding acronyms or abbreviations beginners may find confusing. Also consider giving a brief description of what a piece of gear does, or if your livestock requires any particular care, would be suitable for a beginner, etc.

- Please include the condition of item(s) if applicable (pictures always help to sell items).

- Clearly state prices and if you are willing to trade, list what you are looking for in trade. "Make an offer" and "OBO" are also acceptable, but you're likely to get a better response with a set price.

- If you are selling a complete set-up, please clearly state whether you are willing to “part out”. If/when you decide to part out – please change the first post to reflect individual items and prices or start a new thread.

- For single items, once you have sold your item, please add the word SOLD to your thread topic. If you are unsure how to do this, please send a PM to any of the Moderators and we will be glad to help you.

- For multiple items, it is helpful to your prospective buyers if you keep the first post updated with which items are still available.

- The Buy/Sell/Trade forum is for hobbyists only, if you are a vendor, please list your items for sale in your forum.

- Please feel free to "bump" your thread only when it has moved off the first page.

Please pictures of actual item being sold not ones pulled from other sites unless using them for comparison.

- The Buy/Sell/Trade forum is NOT restricted to reef related items.

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For Sale Thread Photo Rules:

Postby jdccroad » Sun Apr 12, 2015 9:19 am

ALL threads offering items for sale or trade MUST include a picture of the item(s) for sale or trade.

Dry goods offered for sale or trade will not require a picture. A simple description of what is being offered and how much remains if it is not a new, unopened container will suffice. Pictures are ALWAYS encouraged, and will help you make a sale more quickly, but in this case, are not required.

Frags offered for sale or trade should, if at all possible, include a picture of the ACTUAL frag for sale or trade. If you are not planning on fragging a colony until you’re sure you have a buyer, a picture of the parent colony will be OK along with some indication of the size of the intended frag.

Fish, inverts and other livestock offered for sale or trade should be accompanied by a picture.

Used equipment offered for sale or trade should be accompanied by a picture.

Non-reef related items offered for sale or trade should be accompanied by a picture.

“Representative” or manufacturer's stock pictures of a fish, coral or piece of hardware will not be acceptable.

Items offered for free do not require a picture.

Tutorials for posting pictures with Photobucket and Flickr are available on this site, and across the web. If, after reading them, you are still having trouble posting pictures, please contact one of the moderators, we will be happy to help you out.
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